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“Thank you so much for the bike!  It’s so much fun!  My brother and I go on Sunday bike rides together.  And thank you for letting me join the bike race.  It was fun!  Thanks again!” -Avery, Wheels to Succeed Bike Recipient


About Wheels to Succeed

Founded in May 2007 by local physical therapist and cyclist, Ashley Leach, the Wheels to Succeed program provides specially adapted bikes for children with disabilities. Adapted bikes allow all children to know the joy of cycling, independence, and fitness. By riding an adapted bike, all children can experience the joy of riding a bicycle with family and friends. The bikes also provide therapeutic benefits and are often used in therapy sessions at McMains Children's Developmental Center. Adapted bikes are very expensive, costing upwards of $6,000, and are unaffordable for most families. Wheels to Succeed alleviates this financial burden.

With the help of the late local cyclist and philanthropist Jairo Alvarez Botero, the program has raised tens of thousands of dollars through the No Such Thing As Impossible® Bike Ride.  His son and McMains Children’s Developmental Center board member, Sebastian Alvarez, continues the event each year. As of today, 163 specially adapted bikes have been awarded to children in South Louisiana through this program. As a program of the McMains Children’s Developmental Center, Wheels to Succeed continues to grow our network of sponsors and partner organizations. 

Meet a few of our Capable Kids

Three children riding adaptive bicycles


How the Program Works


** Check local city police departments to see if your bike needs to be registered **

If a child outgrows their bike, he or she can be placed on the waiting list again to receive a new bike.


Benefits of the Program



Wheels to Succeed hosts events throughout the year to raise funds and provide community events in which children can use their bikes. All the proceeds go toward purchasing adapted three-wheeled cycles for children with disabilities.



Donate to the Wheels to Succeed Program

Since we are a nonprofit program, we depend solely on fundraising, donations, and grants to purchase these bikes. The amount of bikes we are able to purchase depends on available funds. Please indicate that you would like your funds to go to Wheels to Succeed in the special instructions section of our donation page.

Join us in our efforts to provide children with WHEELS TO SUCCEED! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will my child have to wait?

Time spent waiting for a bike varies depending on:

  • Available program funds
  • The child’s size
  • The type/cost of the bike needed
  • Family participation in Wheels to Succeed events. 

Do I have to pay anything?

A $100 handling fee

What are the program requirements?

Families who receive bikes through our program are asked to  agree to several criteria:

  • Family will care for the bike and have secure storage for the bike, such as indoors, in a garage/shed, or locked up
  • Caregivers demonstrate understanding of basic bike safety, such as using a helmet and providing appropriate supervision or assistance
  • Family will register the bike with the city’s police department, if applicable
  • Child and family will attend Wheels to Succeed bike events when available
  • Child and family will allow pictures and news/media coverage of participation in Wheels to Succeed events
  • If the bike is no longer used for any reason, the family will donate the bike back to the program to be refurbished for another child