Our Programs


Wheels to Succeed

Our Wheels to Succeed program provides adaptive bikes for children with disabilities. New specially adapted bikes range in cost from $2,500 to $6,000. Through fundraising efforts and individual donations, Wheels to Succeed covers the cost of the bike; the family simply pays the shipping fee. Since 2007 when the program began, 163 bikes have been purchased for children with disabilities. These bikes not only improve a child’s strength and balance, they also give the child that sense of independence and excitement that children feel when they learn to ride a bike. Email for more information.


Capable Arts Camp

A week-long summer camp for children with disabilities and their siblings, Capable Arts Camp is an exciting week of fun and creation. Under the guidance of professional artists and with help from our therapists and volunteers, the kids make art and develop a song-and-dance routine. At the end of the week, parents and friends are invited to an amazing, ability-inclusive art show and live performance.


Canoe Trip

The Annual Canoe Trip is the perfect family outing for children with disabilities and their siblings. All abilities can participate in this adventure on the water with canoes specially adapted for children with physical challenges. Enjoying the beautiful Tickfaw State Park as our backdrop, staff and volunteers assist to make this day fun for all as we enjoy canoeing, games and lunch together.



Held at the state-of-the-art LSU Gymnastics facility, Gym Group allows our therapists to take therapy to a different setting, giving kids a unique and engaging experience while working on therapy goals. With trampolines, spring-loaded floors, balance beams and a foam pit, the environment is perfect for developing motor skills and improving communication skills in a new way.


Social Skills Group

Led by our social workers and social work interns, Social Skills Group helps children engage with each other and develop social skills. Kids learn how to take turns, listen to each other and gauge appropriate reactions in social situations.



Summer Steps is a summer remediation program for children who are struggling with reading or math. In an interactive, group-learning setting, the kids have fun together and keep their learning skills honed throughout the summer break.




Capable Play

The Capable Play program takes place in our Inclusion House, a small one-room building set up to look like a home environment. This program provides assistive equipment to families so that children with significant multiple disabilities can participate in everyday activities, such as helping around the house, playing games and participating during story time. The program includes hands-on training for parents and caregivers so that they can use this equipment at home.