Our Facility

We are a facility with a big heart — the nature of our facility allows for a close knit family atmosphere, where your family is our family.

What sets the McMains Children's Developmental Center (MCDC) apart from other outpatient rehabilitation facilities?

MCDC is family. We care about your child and your family on a personal level, and as we work together, your family becomes our family. We celebrate your child’s achievements, whether that be writing and pronouncing his or her name clearly, learning to hold a pair of scissors, or taking those first unaided steps. Our aim is to assist families and individuals to reach the goal of independence, helping children with disabilities achieve what everyone wants — to live, work and play independently.

We look at the whole picture and work to integrate your child’s skills. Our team is close knit, working together to address the needs of your child and your family. We work collaboratively on speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Our multidisciplinary approach allows our therapists to co-treat a child and work simultaneously on several therapy goals. Going further, we wrap our core therapies with social work and psychological services for your child and your family. Through this integrated approach, we work with children where they are and aim to achieve a level of independence that otherwise seems out of reach. 

We welcome all clients, regardless of ability to pay. We treat families of all income levels because all children deserve the quality of care that we provide. We accept Medicaid/Healthy Louisiana plans (formerly Bayou Health) and most insurance plans.

Facts About Our Facility

  • Our occupational therapy gym features an assortment of therapeutic tools, games and crafts to improve fine motor skills and sensory integration. Children have access to a climbing wall, various swings to improve balance and a spring-loaded floor.
  • Our physical therapy gym features ramps, stairs and other therapy tools to improve gross motor skills. Additionally, adapted bikes give children the experience of riding a bike while working on therapy goals.
  • Our speech therapists use various activities, adapted toys, switches and communication devices to help children of all abilities improve their communication.
  • All our therapists have access to therapy technology on computers and iPads as well as the use of assistive technology.
  • In addition to our indoor facilities, our adapted playground and adapted garden are also available during therapy sessions. The playground allows for learning all sorts of movements like jumping, sliding and climbing. The adapted garden has raised flower beds so that children in wheelchairs can also access them. Children develop their fine motor skills as they plant seeds in our garden, and as the seeds grow into flowers or carrots, so does the child’s confidence and understanding of cause and effect.
  • Right next to the adapted garden is the Inclusion House where children with severe neuro-motor disorders learn how to participate in household activities with assistive technology. Through the use of adaptive household items, children can help peel an apple or blend a smoothie. Parents learn how to bring these activities back home to integrate their child’s therapy into daily life.

Photo of Dr. Frank McMains



The McMains Children's Developmental Center began as The Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Baton Rouge, Inc in 1954. Created by a group of concerned parents, MCDC served children with cerebral palsy. Since that time, MCDC has grown to meet the needs of the community. We offer a full range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services. About 20% of our caseload are patients with a neuromuscular disorder such as cerebral palsy, 23% have a speech delay, 20% have a learning disability, AD/HD, anxiety or a developmental delay, and the remainder have a variety of other diagnoses. Approximately 70% of children we serve have Medicaid/Healthy Louisiana plans (formerly Bayou Health), and the majority of these children have multiple conditions requiring more than one type of therapy.

Today, MCDC serves children birth to 18 in the Greater Baton Rouge area with mild to moderate to severe disabilities or delays. We see children with:

  •        Speech and language concerns
  •        Neuromuscular disorders (cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida)
  •        Learning disabilities/AD/HD/anxiety
  •        Developmental delays
  •        A variety of syndromes including Down, Rett, Joubert and Charge 
  •        Fine motor delays
  •        Sensory processing disorder
  •        Autism
  •        Torticollis, toe-walking, gait concerns
  •        Seizure disorder
  •        No exceptionality

MCDC serves the parishes of East and West Baton Rouge, East and West Feliciana, Ascension, Assumption, St. James, Tangipahoa, St. Helena, Livingston, Iberville and Point Coupee.

We were renamed the McMains Children's Developmental Center in 2000 to honor the late Dr. Frank McMains who volunteered his orthopedic medical services to children at MCDC for over 33 years. We are proud to carry on the memory of his kind and caring spirit.


The McMains Children's Developmental Center celebrated 60 years of service to the community in 2014.