Planned Giving

There are many gift options that provide substantial support for the McMains Children's Developmental Center while creating tax and income advantages for you and your heirs:

If you have already remembered the McMains Children's Developmental Center in your estate plans, please let us know. We would love the opportunity to say thank you!


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Amazon Smile App

AmazonSmile customers can now support McMains Children's Developmental Center in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings'
  3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app, update your app. Click here for instructions.


Vehichle Donation

The proceeds from the sale of donated vehicles help to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. It's as easy as filling out the online auto donation form. When filling out the form, please select "LA - UCP of Baton Rouge." 

Any vehicles are accepted, regardless of age and condition!

 Visit the online donation page

Prefer to speak to a person?
Please have your title in hand when you call.


Vehicle donations made to United Cerebral Palsy are tax deductible. Our organization has been designated by the IRS as a 501c (3) charity. The best practice is to consult with a tax professional on how to maximize your tax deduction since every car donation and tax situation is unique. In general, the IRS limits the tax deduction to the gross proceeds from the sale of the car, truck, or other vehicle. Charitable contributions must be itemized on Schedule A of Form 1040 to qualify. If the gross proceeds exceed $500, Form 1098C "Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes" and Form 8283 "Non Cash Charitable Contributions", must also be completed and attached. Forms 1098C and 8283 are required to be provided to the donor within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle. To learn more on what the donors' responsibilities are prior to making a car donation, please consult the "Donors Guide to Vehicle Donations" found in IRS Publication 4303. 

The McMains Children's Developmental Center and United Cerebral Palsy have partnered with Melwood Charity Car Donation Center, a non-profit agency, to manage and operate our vehicle donation program. Since 1963, Melwood has provided job training and employment for over 2,000 individuals with disabilities.